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Reality Check Program 

Our "Reality Check" program was started about 10 years ago. The  program provides direct support to families with troubled young adults.  These young adults may have issues such as being disobedient, exhibiting violence, school and drug issues. When the parents run out of options, we want to step in and show an alternative method for assisting their children with intervention before it is too late. Ultimately, we want to help families reestablish a well-balanced household. We are confident that with full support, The "Reality Check" program will be a big success for the parents ,schools and of course the young adults we serve.  We at The Elite Center for Young Adults work hard to keep the youth off the streets and out of trouble.
We concentrate on structure and discipline which includes:

  •  Providing programs on substance abuse, education, emotional stability, health consciousness, work ethics and skills, and other areas.​​

  • Providing discipline in a structured environment with clearly established expectations for changed deviant behavior.

  • Provide a structured physical fitness program.

  • Provide a disciplined, regimented environment to teach appropriate decision making, courtesy, self-control, and teamwork.

  • Provide a program [with an] intensive, demanding environment free of the negative influences and idle time commonly associated with conventional incarceration.

  • Implement a structured counseling and education program.

  • Utilize team concepts, community expectations, and tangible consequences to illustrate inappropriate behavior and elicit cooperation.

  • Provide an intense work program to teach cadets certain practical skills, but more importantly, work ethics, interpersonal relations, and work as a contribution to the community and expression of self-worth.

  • Provide a rigorous inspection procedure for the cadets



This is a small overview of what we offer please contact us so we can give a full demo and presentation on our company.

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