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Who We Are


ECFYA is a structured course that helps a young adult unleash their own potential. Although finding your own path is a very personal journey they will not be alone. We work as a team to build teamwork skills, core values, develop honor, discipline, respect, and commitment to team goals.

Our methods are quite similar to the core of military training, stations and bases, however, in our basic training you will find our center is designed to take new recruits and transform them into well-disciplined young adults.

Knowing and uncovering all of your teen’s behavioral, emotional and mental issues is part of the discovery process. Struggling teens may or may not be able to handle constant yelling and screaming, a right in the face approach when they do not perform well. Considering this we have put many different elements in place to deal with situations as they arise through this journey.


Unlike other boot camps for teens and young adults, our training does not stop at the end of the program. In fact, throughout high school training is continuous; our never-ending process instills a sense of pride and ownership with regard to oneself. The only obvious differences would be with respect to the age of the cadets, the mission, as well as why the individual is enrolled.

What We Offer

The Elite Center for Young Adults will include uniforms, marching information as well as a "Yes Sir," and "No Sir" mentality. This is a very structured environment that includes trainers getting upfront and close to each cadet; if necessary, they may literally be right in the face of the cadets.


The ECFYA is a very disciplined and structured program and a very strict “no holds barred” system of inspections that must be completed without error if they are to complete the program; even for a short period of time.

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