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If a child is out of control, he or she may be headed down a dead-end street in life:  trouble with the law, a criminal record, an inability to get a good job, etc.

However, the problem extends beyond your child.  You, the parent, may be forced to pay court costs, legal fees and face legal action from other parents whose children have been damaged by your teen's irresponsibility and poor behavior. 

Elite Center for Young Adults

Our Concept 

If one can understand the concept of basic training as it applies to the military, then you will find that the philosophy of the teen empowerment camp at ECFYA is not much different. For example, military basic training is a course through which one must attend in order to become a member of the armed forces. This is true for the commissioned officer as well as the non-commissioned officer. The two are different with respect to status and rank. Within the echelon of a military command, one can view the officer as one of the CEOs whereas the non-commissioned officer would be the people who listen to the CEO for direction with regard to the mission. It is indeed hard to imagine a struggling youth finding himself in an empowerment camp situation intensively listening and learning trying to be a contributing member of a team.


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